SFX-360: Dynasty Warriors 7 (Xbox 360) Review


Are you looking for a game that you can hack and slash your way to victory through up to 4 kingdoms? Well now you can again in the newly released title, Dynasty Warriors 7 for Xbox 360. You’ll spend countless hours going through each story mode as a different kingdom that each has its own story which adds excitement, sorrow, and other feelings as well. Isn’t that what most games are about? Telling you a long story to pull you in until you get to the end and think to yourself I need to play another kingdom now.

I know lately I’ve been missing my game time with friends online because I was busy playing Dynasty Warriors 7 trying to beat every kingdom within the game and the conquest mode as well. With the massive amount I’ve already put into the game I can tell you now Omega Force and Koei has done an absolutely great job bring the fans back into such a great franchise. If you’re looking for yet another great hack and slash game then you’ve found the right game to purchase, and it will last you for quite a while due to the length of the single player and conquest mode.

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AhmadCentral2748d ago

Great review, this is the only 'this gen' Dynasty Warriors that is good. It deserves some recognition.

H2OAcidic2748d ago

Thanks! It was a great game and it's hard to put down when you have a level kicking your ... a few times.

AhmadCentral2748d ago

Yeh you're review is great. its not bias in any way, unlike reviewers who just see "another Dynasty Warriors game" and give it a 3/10 or people who see a COD game and give it a 10/10.

I'm not saying this game deserves a high score, just it shouldn't be put into that first category^ if people actually play and review the game properly, they'll see a whole load of improvements from 6 (which got better score from IGN for some reason???), and that its actually quite a great game.

So yeh, good honest review :)

Solidus187-SCMilk2748d ago

I used to love DW 2 and 3 on PS2 and this one looks like a good time to play this series again. im excited.