GGTL Review: Stacking

Gamer's Guide to, 11th April 2011: GGTL's Parker Mortensen analyses Double Fine's downloadable latest, Stacking.

"Adventure games are definitely a 'certain type' of game, one that hasn’t changed much since their inception. Stacking is fun, and its design breathes some simple ingenuity into the concept of puzzle solving in game design."

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cowkimon2839d ago

This sounds like exactly the sort of game I would play. Wonder why I hadn't heard of it...

HolyOrangeCows2839d ago

Because it's a Double Fine game. They're great, but don't get much attention because they don't feel the need to shove in multiplayer. In other words, they have integrity.

It's not AS bad in the rest of the game. The demo is basically only one puzzle. In the full game, the levels have many puzzles and a higher gameplay to cutscenes ratio.

lochdoun2839d ago

Loved the concept but didn't enjoy the demo.
Too many long cut scenes, not enough substantial gameplay.