Rocksteady - Batman: Arkham City to Have Better Bosses and Detective Mode Rocksteady is improving on several areas they feel they fell short on in the first game, including revamping detective mode to make it feel more like a tool than a god-mode exploit. The first game also had fairly disappointing boss encounters, and Rocksteady admitted that they were thrown together at the last-minute. For Arkham City, boss battles have been planned from the start and should be more epic. Finally, the world is open right from the start; the devs' mantra was “you’re Batman, you can do what you want.”

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HeavenlySnipes2836d ago

how Rocksteady is handling the development of this game Not trying to show trailers to everyone, nothing leaked.

This way we'll all be surprised when we see the awesomeness.

I should of avoided all the InFamous 2 articles, I've seen to much. I can only imagine the look on my face if I went into that game seeing zero info on Infamus 2

Rainstorm812836d ago

Yea im done with inFamous articles, trailers and pics.

As for Batman:AC, an improved detective mode is very welcome, in the original i speant soooo much time in that mode, cant wait to see what improvement they made......yet another day 1 game in 2011

**Need a gamer bailout**