Xbox 360's Upcoming "Disc Format" Overhyped

"On March 29th, Major Nelson revealed Microsoft's upcoming beta to test out an all new "disc format" for the Xbox 360. Ever since the announcement, the internet has gone wild with numerous speculations and rumors. Today, Nick speaks on this topic and explain why this new "disc format" is being overhyped."

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Nick2120042750d ago

It is definitely not a bad thing to see Microsoft expand the limits of the disc space for the Xbox 360, but if 1gb is the actual increase, I personally do not see this being too substantial.

Istanbull2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Seriously, what is 1GB gonna do? I'm enjoying 50GB's of space on my blurays.

I'm glad Sony took the decision to add Bluray in the PS3 as far back as 2005!

Remember how the first Xboxes didn't even had HDMI?

militant072750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

i didn't get what you mean by enjoying 50gb ?? whats enjoyable about it?

it doesn't really make difference to you but to the developers...

Wikkid6662750d ago

So the mighty PS3 is so great because of BluRay... ask any PC gamer if his rig has BluRay used for gaming.

Funny how the one big difference between the PS3 and the 360 is probably the biggest thing holding the PS3 back from sales.

For anyone that thinks BluRay is the future you are just kidding yourself.

ThanatosDMC2750d ago

You can fap to it, i guess? LOL! Imagine someone looking at a disk and doing that... hahaha!

iamgoatman2750d ago


And yet most exclusives don't even use half of that space, that's not to say the extra capacity is a bad thing, but what you're "enjoying" there is a lot of empty space.

evrfighter2750d ago

Wait a minute I'm lost. Where on n4g was this being hyped?

Ya thought so.

Tarasque2750d ago


Did you just say "it doesn't really make difference to you but to the developers... "

Lets see i get to experience the best in audio and video quality in movies, that is unmatched in any other disc format.

If it makes a difference for Dev's for the extra space then i reap the rewards from them benefiting from it.

LunaticBrandon2750d ago

50GB of uncompressed audio and video in multiple languages.

Solidus187-SCMilk2750d ago

no one cares about the disk update that much. Its just a little more space on a disk.

AAACE52750d ago

@Istanbull... Very few Bluray games use more than a 25 Gb disc! So how are you enjoying 50 Gb's?

1 Gb of space won't help a lot, but could give MS a little room to last another year or two until their next console comes out. If it is another GB, I imagine it will all be devoted to graphics.

*Personal note* Is it me, or is the guy in the video the type of person you would like to beat up for no reason? Seems like a winey b*tch!

ComboBreaker2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

"For anyone that thinks BluRay is the future you are just kidding yourself."

Wikkid666 is right. BluRay is not the future. HD-DVD is the future.

Anyway, sad to see all those hype for the 360's upcoming format suddenly turn to, "wah? we didn't hype it up" when it's found out that it's only a 1 GB increase."

Rageaholic2749d ago


blu-ray is great for the ps3 because it allows developers to put more assets in a single game...

as for the pc they are pretty much all manditory FULL installs hence blu-ray is not needed.

as for xbox developers are forced to either create a game to fit on one disk or put on multidisk.... its the xbox arcade to blame and the lack hd space on the early xbox's....

its funny how xbox fans will bash hd install but now you can see it is very beneficial.

gamingdroid2749d ago

I never once been playing a game and then thought:

- ghee I wish my Xbox 360 had more space on the disc.
- the changing of disc is such a hassle. I wish all games were on only one disc.

This game would be soooo much better with those changes!

Point being, no one gives two sh!ts. On top of that, if it really was an issue, just install the disc. You have to do that on PS3 (mandatory) anyhow!

Now, you can enjoy blu-ray and enjoy free online gaming and those are valid reasons. However, blu-ray has never been on top of my list, and I only own 2 blu-ray movies (that I still haven't watched and still in it's sealed wrapper). I don't own Blu-Ray drive on my PC and likely never will. I do own HD-DVD (and I got a few free movies on the deal that most are in the wrapper still) for $20 because I was curious.

I use Netflix! Digital download for the win!

Kurt Russell2749d ago

Lol, disk space nerds.

What are you going to argue over next? The clickyness of controller buttons?

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plb2750d ago

1gb can go a ways if done right. I mean just look at what devs are working with now.

darthv722750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

It wasn't MS that was "hyping" this new format. They simply said we need testers for a new updated format. It was the speculation of the interwebz that has made this thing bigger than it has to be.

MS could have quietly released newer games on these increased discs and the only ones that would cry foul would be the pirates cause they wouldnt be able to release gears 3 to the web.

For MS to announce it shows they wanted to get a grand perspective from users to see how these new discs are handled from old to new systems. Nothing like this needed to be hyped to the moon.

You all can blame yourselves about hyping things. Not MS.

NoobJobz2750d ago

You sir, are correct. There was no mention of a huge uprgrade to the disc format. That was speculation for people on the internet. So to be dissapointed with something that MS never said was going to be a huge difference would be silly.

Emilio_Estevez2750d ago

An extra 1gb is a large percent compared to what was already available. Don't think in size, but in percent being added. I think it holds 8.5, so that's like a 12% increase. Seems substantial to me.

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rabidpancakeburglar2750d ago

So overhyped that this is the first I've heard of it

NYC_Gamer2750d ago

big waste of time in my opinion

Godmars2902750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Only if it doesn't stop dual disc titles that would have been dual disc in the first place.

[email protected]:
It doesn't matter weather or not you or others have a problem with swapping disc, but that disc space has an effect on a game's quality and limits. This has the potential to improve the quality of games on the 360, but only so far as those games stay on one disc.

JsonHenry2750d ago

I never complained about dual discs on the older consoles. I have no idea why swapping discs or having to install part of a disc is so taboo now days.

Aloren2749d ago

Why would those games need to stay on one disc to improve the quality ? if you get an extra GB per disc, being on two disks won't suddenly cancel the effect of the upgrade. The gaming experience won't be ruined cause you spend 5 minutes installing a game when you get it, or 30 secs to swap a disc a few hours in.

Convas2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Obvious fanboy is obvious.

We've KNOWN this wasn't Blu-ray. You're talking specifically about the story Blaze put up on THIS SITE when the Disc Update was first announced.

Anyone with a brain could see that it had nothing to do with Blu-Ray, nothing remotely CLOSE to Blu-ray is mention in the official announcement from Major Nelson. And then you go proposing that this is MS trying to bring hype to the 360.

Are you an idiot? Updating a disc format is trying to bring hype? I suppose providing devs with a better Dev Kit is also trying to bring hype.

Gosh. Never in my life have I seen people bashing a company trying to make improvements to it's products.

Edit: You may want to go back and look at that press statement then. Official Hype and unofficial hype are two different things buddy.

MS has not hyped up this preview in any way, and the only place I've seen "Over-hype" is on this site on Blaze's aforementioned Preview Announcement Submission.

We do NOT know what the disc update really even is, also, and yes bro, you asked if we thought "... or do you think this is something Microsoft is bringing to bring hype back to the console?"

You should watch the ending of your vid over again.

Nick2120042750d ago

How's it going Clizzz. In no way did I bash Microsoft for improving the Xbox 360. I am glad that they are doing this. I am just bringing up the fact that this is not the groundbreaking enhancement that it is being hyped up to be.

Nicosia2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

The only person hyped about it is you. Funny thing is that your overhyping your importance in this matter.

darthv722750d ago

and who's fault is that? Certainly not MS. Blame yourself for getting wrapped up into it to the point where you had to post this vid.

Everyone else will just quietly wait for the official release and subsequent titles to follow.

Solidus187-SCMilk2750d ago

keep that garbage off of N4G please.

Fallouts2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

i dont get it either clizzz. its as if everyone on n4g only wants sony in the game, i put up both middle fingers to that shit.

nick do you have a credible source link stating how ms is over hyping it? i mean i havnt heard much of the thing other then the usual "blogs" posted here on n4g.

tmanmushroom2750d ago

Even though its 1gb, it'll allow for larger games until a new *cough*system*cough*