Capcom considers Resident Evil: Revelations a direct sequel to Resident Evil 5

Capcom producer talks Revelations as RE5 sequel, as well as DLC for Mercenaries.

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plb2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

RE5 sucked so I guess I won't be missing out by not picking this one up. I just want old style RE's back.

soren2837d ago

u mean with the shitty camras ? that u got dizzy when u wenmt to the next room? and i hope u no this one is not like part 5 or 4 its not action

Rhezin2837d ago

sweeet. Glad I bought a 3DS then! I like both styles of RE, I'll have fun blasting zombies no matter what, but if I did have to choose I'd def go with the old school style. I don't know though I still haven't played RE: 4

meganick2837d ago

I hope not. Resident Evil 5 was too much of an action game and not enough of a horror game. I like my Resident Evils as horror games darnit!