PS3 Error 80010514: What You Need to Know

Vain Ziler of Final Smash takes a look at the infamous error code that plagues many PS3 gamers.

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Istanbull3411d ago

What many ps3 gamers? I've never seen that error code, might aswell just be only you. There are so many different error codes.

plb3411d ago

Never saw it and hope I never do

Christopher3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

Hyperbole. It fuels many of the news articles out there today.

See what I did there? :p

Anyway, article is helpful and I appreciate helpful articles when I can get em.

VainZiler3411d ago

A quick google or youtube search will show just exactly how wide spread an issue this actually is.

gaden_malak3411d ago

No, it just shows you that people have gotten it, and even then it amounts to very little.
People who have never received it aren't going to talk about it online.

Hellsvacancy3411d ago

That error code looks like all the other error codes ive seen on the PS3, means nothin to me

AyeGee3411d ago

I've never gotten it, thank god.

The only thing that's wrong with my PS3 is that it won't read DVD's.. it used to, but i guess now it can't. No idea why, and i don't really mind it since i don't want movies in DVD format, unless i'm streaming it from my computer to my PS3.

NewZealander3411d ago

only error Ive had with my console is when Ive turned it on, everything seems fine until i start a game, and i get a moving purple vertical line from the top to the bottom of the screen, its about two inches in from the edge, and theres all this other messy transparent pixely stuff in the middle of the screen, anyone else had this problem?

Ive found unplugging from the wall makes it go away, but it comes back every now and then, i got a brand new replacement unit, but it does the same thing, i would love to know what it is.

pantatkaula3411d ago

It might be unstable voltage from your power outlet. Try using a voltage regulator. It might help.

NewZealander3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

yeah i kinda thought about the voltage thing, i got a proper surge protector, but i heard regulators are different? ill look into it :) oh and bubble for the reply!

3410d ago
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_Empath_3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

My Ps3 never has issues going online. TRUE STORY

just_looken3411d ago

better get the soda and water and put it on the console so you can be these guys and complain oh and use a dvd lens cleaner. I two have had 0 issues except for the crapy browser.

kyl2773410d ago

I've had 2 PS3s break, once it trapped my MGS4 when I was in shadow moses doing a perfect run on normal mode.

Needless to say i was pissed off

DragonKnight3411d ago

Got that code on my first PS3. Means the Blu-Ray diode is done for.

StoneyYoshi3411d ago

yeah i agree with istanbull. friend of mine had a dead disc drive on his ps3 and it never said that. all it said was a error had occurred, or that the file type could not be played. if anything, YLOD is whats been plaguing ps3 the most out of anything.

dead_eye3411d ago

My friend has this code. Think I'll have to give the second option a try for him. Don't think the blu ray is dead as I think he can play blu rays.

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The story is too old to be commented.