This Is What Xbox Live System Update Testers Are Getting In The Mail

Kotaku: Hopes of trading in the copy of Halo: Reach Xbox 360 system update testers are getting for participating flew out the window this morning, as these lovely warning covered Reach discs began arriving on testers' doorsteps.

Several testers have sent us pictures of the mailings this morning, as the disc-based wave of the next Xbox 360 system update testing gets underway. From what we've heard there are two testing groups: One that is receiving discs, and another that is strictly doing things on a downloadable basis.

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Cardenjs2774d ago

Gamestop wont take disks like that, probably ruined alot of peoples plans to make a quick 10 bucks

gamingdroid2774d ago

I don't care, I got a free game. I didn't know I got selected for the disc test as well....

Convas2774d ago

Yep, in the DISC Preview group, got mine this morning. XD

polow got sol2774d ago

Ive got mines but im scared to use it dont wanna brick my console

wwm0nkey2774d ago

Its the same game just a new format and you signed up for this so you can really just say "I dont wanna"

Joel22112774d ago

Pretty much, I received mines this morning and did what the paper wanted and then I put it away because I already own Reach.

Metfanant2774d ago


part of the testing is to use the disc they sent you...that is why they sent you a copy of the game on the new format...

SixZeroFour2774d ago

i think hes one of those type of ppl that sign up for betas just to play/test things early, but doesnt actually contribute to the testing process...the type that most likely dont know the difference between beta and demo, but i could be wrong

TronEOL2774d ago

Dude, you got MINES? Hell no, keep that shit far away from your Xbox. It will do much more than brick your console.

Metfanant2774d ago

FedEx dropped mine off about an hour ago...have not had a chance to put it in yet...but will soon

dirthurts2774d ago

I saw no bonuses or anything on my disk when I received it. I was hoping for some bonus content or something to play with that extra space. Sigh.

Metfanant2774d ago

There was no reason for you to expect this...they just gave you a free game on the new format to TEST IT...

dirthurts2774d ago

It made sense to me to actually test the actual extra space that they opened up.
Maybe they just didn't compress some textures or something.
I never said I expected anything, I was simply hopeful.

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The story is too old to be commented.