The Most Craptacular Nintendo Wii Exclusives Ever Released

Article: "This generation of hardware has seen some of the best exclusives in recent memory. The Nintendo Wii is no different from the other two major consoles we’ve covered on this topic. The Wii has a very respectable lineup of terrific exclusives, but there’s just no way to deny the piles of bad games that have blemished the image of the little white innovative platform. With the introduction of motion-controlling to the mainstream came a tidal wave of bad shovelware. We all know the names of the great exclusives like Zelda, Mario and Metroid, but what about all those horrible games that end up in the hands of innocent and naïve gamers?"

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vgn242750d ago

Any list of bad Wii games must be about 30 pages long.

darthv722750d ago

Wouldnt any game that comes across as bad to one person have the potential to be entertaining to another? People have different perspectives on things. It isnt like these devs are setting out to make a crappy game.

Games are bad for many reasons. You dont like how it looks or plays. You cant get the difficulty. There is no story to get into. The game is better played with friends and you dont have any. Or you just suck at playing it.

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Raichu502750d ago

Conduit sucked a lot now theirs a sequel

BlmThug2750d ago

The Wii Is Crap So Its Expected For It To Have A Crap Games

e-p-ayeaH2750d ago

Wii´s full of bad games that even some can be considered "software garbage"

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