Crysis 2 in Slow Motion 3 "Let it Take You / Touch" [1080p]

Crysis 2 in Slow Motion 3 featuring Let it Take You by Goldfrapp and Touch by Stan Bush in 1080p HD | PC

More stunning footage of Crysis 2 in slow motion set to music.

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Quagmire2745d ago

Agreed, fuck the haters

ComboBreaker2745d ago

Hate to say this, but even CoD looks better than that.

hennessey862745d ago

cod hahahahahahahahahahahhhahahaha hahahah

Spenok2745d ago

Ill take it this is from the PS3 or 360 version of the game? Because this doesnt look any better then my PS3 version. And i know for Damned sure this looks better on PC.

Ducky2745d ago

Hmm... but it is 1080p according to youtube.

Spenok2745d ago

yeah, according to the PS3 and 360 boxes those are also 1080p. Now of course the 360 version isnt native. Though i cant say anything about the PS3 version. Its capable, but i dont know if it is native or upscaled.