Will Cole MacGrath's Newfound Powers Make or Break inFamous 2?

Matt Randisi writes, "Sucker Punch recently released a trailer displaying the new abilities of one Cole MacGrath from the much anticipated Sony PlayStation 3 sequel, inFamous 2. For months we heard the rumors and reports of Cole’s potential new talents. We already knew that the setting for the game would take place in a fictitious recreation of New Orleans, dubbed New Marais. We also know that the prophesized “Beast” from Kessler’s implanted memories takes center stage in inFamous 2 as the main threat that Cole must defeat. A battle of epic proportions has been set up, and the “Quest for Power” begins."

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undercovrr2745d ago

Make not break. how can more cool new powers possibly break a game?

BlackTar1872745d ago

I love this game... and i want to say that what im about to type is just for argument sake.

But i think its possible to be overwhelmed with powers/options that it could hurt it.

with that said not to me.

Scissorman822745d ago

Agreed. Not only am I afraid that it might detract from the lighting powers, adding in other abilities takes away from further developing his original talents. Sure his lightning skills won't be neglected, but think of how much more Sucker Punch could have done if it focused on one elemental ability.

InLaLaLand2745d ago

I think the powers shown in BOTH trailers look useful. I'm just wondering if our save files from the first one carry over to this.

byeGollum2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I'm Scared, those new powers might ruin things, I mean, in infamous, we understand how he got he's electrical powers (Ray Sphere) but now I see 'ice' and 'fire' like what the hell?

if he gets over powered .... I dunno