Jetpac Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

This could be the case! Inside sources claim that Jetpac, Rareware's first title ever is coming to Xbox Live Arcade in the near future. If you don't know what Jetpac is, or if you are of the old school variety, you need to give this a read.

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nirwanda5833d ago

this is one of the first games I ever played hope it's a bit bigger than 48k this time
going to have to treat myself to some mspoint's at least for streetfighter online

FreeMonk5833d ago


I LOVE JETPAC!!! I will let Lindsley Lohan have me if Rare release this game on Arcade!

TheBrit5832d ago

I just asked MajorNelson last week if there was a chance of Rare doing somthing like this with their old Ultimate Play The Game titles!!! Too FREAKY!!!!

Here is a link to some old spectrum greatness (even has a java based emulator you can program in from your web browser!!!)

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