Nintendo 3DS Sales Have 'Slowed Considerably' Since Launch

Nintendo certainly got off to a decent start with the new 3DS, proclaiming that it was instantly the best launch for any of its handhelds in history. Initial sales were strong (upwards of 750k in America in 5 days), but analysts are beginning to wonder if the 3D portable has the same kind of staying power as previous Nintendo devices.

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rabidpancakeburglar2839d ago

Who woulda figured that a gaming devices sales would drop after release :o

donniebaseball2839d ago

Well, it depends. It doesn't always slow. The Wii had insane demand for a long time. The 3DS on the other hand is well supplied but isn't selling out at most places.

Rhezin2839d ago

because they're no appealing games THAT'S why! Not the hardware its the software linup that's horrid. I only bought 1 GAME for my 3DS since launch. ZELDA AND KID ICARUS NEED TO RELEASE NOW! and nintendo doesn't even give us a specific release for any of them. They're gonna wait a WHOLE two months until E3 to announce ANYTHING and that long gap of time will give gamers time to get bored with their 3DS

donniebaseball2839d ago

Yeah, the lineup is pretty meh at the moment. The hardware itself is pretty cool and there's tons of potential. They just need to release the games to unleash that potential.

PygmelionHunter2839d ago

Exactly, the launch line-up is the one to blame here, i was very disappointed when i noticed that none of the games i was anticipating were coming out at launch. I'll be getting my 3DS as soon as i see at least 2 games i want.

ozstar2838d ago

I thinks its been harder to attract the "core market" than Nintendo initially expected.

If there's games people will buy it. But in my view there's still no excuse for the fact that Super Street fighter 4 and Nintendogs + Cats are outside the UK Top 40 this week.