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GameDynamo - "Spear units still trump cavalry, bows are terrible in melee confrontations, and a well-placed cavalry charge can still send a healthy unit fleeing for their lives. However, there's something different in Total War: Shogun 2 that sets it miles apart from the previous Total War games - the dedication to Japan and Japanese culture here is truly inspired."

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bumnut2774d ago

I am a huge Total War fan, but there is no way this game, or any other deserves 100/100.

N4Gsukballs2774d ago

This game is amazing in everyway, you dont even have to be a fan of RTS game's to like it. its would take half life 3 for this not to get pc GOTY.

Criminal2773d ago

I've hearing great thing about this game, I might get when it goes on sale.

pr0digyZA2773d ago

It truly is an epic game, and I have not had any bugs,woooo they have refined many of the aspects from the previous total war games to make a truly amazing game. So far my PC game of the year but I don't expect it to stay there with the likes of Witcher 2 and Diablo 3 coming.