7.0 Dynasty Warriors 7 Review "Dynasty Warriors is a franchise which feels like it's been around for way longer than it actually has. In fact, the Dynasty Warriors that we know has only been around since the start of the PlayStation 2 era, as the original title was a fighting game, like Tekken. It's actually grown a lot since then though; many more characters have been added, new gameplay mechanics have been phased in and the modes have been fleshed out. These elements have enabled many people to become well versed in Chinese history, all while slaughtering thousands of people at the same time. Dynasty Warriors 7 certainly doesn't stray too far from any of this."

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tweex2749d ago

Not much for fighting games, but it may be worth a rent.

Hardedge2748d ago

I love DW, getting this, no matter long as it's not like Strikeforce PS3.

Corrwin2748d ago

I liked Strikeforce ;_;

But then I get a bit tired of DW, and loved Bladestorm