EA vs. Activision: Genre by genre

In the wake of the flurry of developer acquisitions in recent weeks, it's become apparent that the battle for third-party supremacy will be hard fought. With Bizarre joining Activision, and EA acquiring Pandemic and Bioware, thought we'd figure out which company truly has the upper hand by comparing the top titles each company has in each of the major genres.

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MK_Red4490d ago

Nice points except on Racing part. I mean seriously, what racing game Activision has? PGR belongs to MS while EA has Burnout, the most award winning racing franchise after Gran Turismo (Burnout Paradise won all best racing awards of E3, Burnout Revenge and 3 won best racing awards of their years). EA also has NFS and NASCAR... and yet chooses Activision as winner!!?!??! WTF?

AcidRhain4489d ago

agreed, NFS & Burnout are two top notch franchises. I guess they wanted "the battle of the 3rd party publisher" to be a close race. dumb.

Spinitus4489d ago

Activision has Call of Duty nuff said