What’s Next For Anonymous?

Geek Revolt writes "News broke today that Sony and Geohot reached a settlement in their ongoing court case. It’s great to see the drama finally come to an end, but there’s one question remaining, what will Anonymous’ next move be? Go ahead with the planned boycott on the 16th, or back off?"

Update: Apparently they're still going to boycott, but the wording of the statement makes it sound like one person's opinion and not a clear yes. So my question remains unchanged.

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rabidpancakeburglar2839d ago

Make the sony vs geohot fight into their own war stating some convoluted reasons

Istanbull2839d ago

Nothing is "next" for Anonymous, they're already looking like complete fools.

SuperKing2838d ago

Well, I hear that their Sony Store boycott apparently went well.

GrieverSoul2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Anon should just stand down and quietly disappear. They backed the wrong horse and that horse probably ratted them out to SONY.

Geohot is surprisingly quiet about this. I bet he told a few "nicknames" to Sony lawyers about some possible connections he had.

Anyone can look at this in a diferent way but Sony got out and made a point to hackers. So what if they boycot Sony products, they probably caused more harm than good by hacking them to run stuff they didnt pay for. In my opinion, they should say they will only buy Sony´s products from now on. They will be all over them to do some hacking. By stating a boycote, Sony is pretty much relieved. *shrugs*

Cardenjs2839d ago

I'd put it at a 1 in 3 chance that Geohotz actually is banned from owning any Sony electronics but saying he is boycotting them to make it seem like his decision.

Octo12839d ago

He actually IS banned from owning any Sony products. That is actually one of the stipulations on the settlement.Violating it would cost him between $10,000 to as high as $250,000 if he participated in hacking any Sony products.

Cardenjs2839d ago

My first post was made before the details were released. Hacking a Sony product gives him 10 grand fine automatically, but if he publishes any of it then he gets the Quarter-Million fine

ComboBreaker2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

He is ban from owning any Sony related products for the rest of his life.

So now, he's just trying to save face by saying that he'll boycott all Sony products for the rest of his life.

And oh yeah, he conned all the hackers. Took all their money. LOL.

And lastly, Anonymous is fighting a point-less battle.
No one cares what Anonymous will do.

Cardenjs2839d ago

Con wouldn't be the word, but the fact that he lost wont sit well with supporters. Personally I disapprove of donating towards a legal battle because money shouldn't be a deciding factor.

Eiffel2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

He isn't banned from purchasing Sony related products, he's banned from modifying them, sure he'll still do it at his best attempts not to be caught doing so, and with him, I've noticed it will be hard for him doing the work and not being able to take credit, something he's craved since jail breaking the iPhone. He'll have to do his hacking anonymously.

Lovable2839d ago

Now that the "battle is over", anon is caught in the middle. lol

DarkSniper2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Now that "Anonymous" has officially gained George Hotz as an ally, he should consult Hotz in using the donation money to provide 24 hour security for him and his family.

With the recent stunts that "Anonymous" has pulled, he should look over his shoulder every single time he walks out of the house. Dark Sniper would like to reiterate that Sony is watching your every move, make your next move wisely.

While hackers may think it's fun and games to have pizza delivered at your doorstep, Sony isn't as forgiving as these hackers will face death on their doorstep for intruding the grounds of Sony Computer Entertainment.


Caleb_1412838d ago

lol at you for thinking anonymous is a single person... the whole reason that 'anonymous' is called that is because it can be anyone, anyone can join and do what they want under the banner of 'anonymous'.

BubbleSniper2838d ago

u need to learn who DarkSniper is before you feel like typin...

Caleb_1412836d ago

I don't care who he is, he was wrong and I corrected him, u mad bro?

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