Treyarch Hiring For Modern Warfare

The next Call of Duty title Modern Warfare 3 appears more imminent than ever. Treyarch posted a job opening for a Gameplay Combat Designer.

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karam2837d ago

Deceiving Title
The article didn't mention anything about Modern Warfare 3

Fishy Fingers2837d ago

Nope, more than likely another 'stand alone' like Black Ops. MW3 will probably release this Q4 and not developed by Treyarch.

Hdz542836d ago

Article is wrong. This is likely a job posting for their next title, presumably Black Ops 2 which will release November 2012.

plb2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I will never buy another Treyarch game and especially not on PS3. At least IW could make a game that worked across all systems even it did have its share of bugs.

chriski3332836d ago

Every they release these COD beta's I wonder when we will get a full finished game from them?

chriski3332836d ago

sorry trying to be funny what i wanted to say is that activison releases these unfinished game or betas i im just wondering when we will get a finished game that runs smooth

Bullshido2836d ago

I strongly believe it is not for Black ops 2 but for MW3

Hdz542836d ago

Not a chance, IW (or what's left of it) is working on MW3 with Sledgehammer and possibly Raven as well. Treyarch is still pumping out map packs for Black Ops and is probably ramping up for Black Ops 2 or whatever their next COD title will be called.

The closest Treyarch will get to developing a MW title is maybe another Wii port like MW Reflex.

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The story is too old to be commented.