New Uncharted 3 concept art introduces jungle setting

SystemLink: "What you're seeing below is new hi-res Uncharted 3 concept art; the same that was recently seen in the latest issue of the Official Playstation Magazine. Despite the predominantly desert setting, it seems Drake will be getting out of the sun for a quick jaunt in the tried and tested temple-in-the-jungle setting."

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Antholex2773d ago

Good to see that Drake is still going to be trotting the globe.

rabidpancakeburglar2773d ago

would you really expect anything else?

M4I0N32773d ago

trotting the galaxy? :P

rabidpancakeburglar2773d ago

lol maybe in the next one

M4I0N32773d ago

hahah, yeah true, can't rule out everything :P

Antholex2773d ago

I hope Drake doesn't go down the Indiana Jones route and start delving into crystal skulls and aliens. That would be just a bit too much I think.

inveni02772d ago

How do we know that this is not "beneath" the desert? We know he's looking for the Atlantis of the Sands, so it's probably in some magical place, right? I'm not saying this is underground, I'm just saying that it may be closer to the desert than we think.

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-Superman-2773d ago

I hope its still 80% in Desert, 10% jungle and 10% in city

Fishy Fingers2773d ago

They've been clear that the majority would be set in the Desert, but like the previous games, expect some variety on the locations.

MaxXAttaxX2773d ago

My guess is 60%, 20%, 20%

The_Devil_Hunter2773d ago

I dont know why but Ive always like the idea of Nate in the city, especially if it had a level in which he infiltrates a museum in a city like New York, Madrid, or Paris then escapes with Sully through the streets. But I Love the fact that they try to keep it traditional with at least some jungle areas.

karl2773d ago

im just saying but that sounds really good for a totally new uncharted..

not only just like a few lvls.. maybe next one xD

MidnytRain2773d ago


Well, then it wouldn't really be "uncharted".

HardCover2773d ago

Why not MidnytRain?

Might not be uncharted LANDS, but uncharted ROUTES. Routes to treasure, that is.

MidnytRain2773d ago

An "uncharted route" is a bit of an oxymoron. Routes have a conscious purpose to get people from one place to another, so they need to be mapped out in some way. One can't make a route without knowing where it's going or how to get there. So a modern, well-established, fully functional city would not be an uncharted region.

R8342772d ago

Sounds like a great idea - would mix up the gameplay a bit.

It could be like the city level where you go to the Shangri La hotel in Uncharted 2, just less war-torn.

MidnytRain2772d ago


The enviornments would be less interesting if the cities weren't war torn. Uncharted 2 was praised because of its attention to detail in the world around the player. The amount of debris and destruction in the Nepal section of the campaign was impressive.

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yume-k2773d ago

A guy who like to wear the same clothes "probably never bath" standing in the middle of a jungle...

What is so epic about that?

mac_sparrow2773d ago

Maybe it's the amount of vitriol it stirs up in people such as yourself?

Fun? Spectacle? Excitement? There's Uncharted, for everything else there's yume-k.

HardCover2773d ago

How about what he's done in those same clothes and what he's done in previous jungles? Gotta play the first two to understand this stuff, kiddo.

Killzone3___2773d ago

same cloths ?.. that's the reason you fanboys say it's overrated ?.

R8342772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Maybe he just has a huge stock of identical clothes...

Besides, both Uncharteds are great games. If you'd played them, you'd know.

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GodofwarGoty2773d ago

Uncharted 3 will be the Game of the year and could so be the best PS3 exclusive to come out we will have to wait and see ?

perfectCarbonara2773d ago

Uncharted 3, Infamous 2 and Mass Effect 3, sitting in one box. Pretty insane dude.

GodofwarGoty2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

i agree bro but Uncharted 3 will win game of the year i am looking forward to infamous 2 but i am sure it will not be game of the year mass effect 3 might win game of the year xbox for that system but overall uncharted 3 is 100 percent game of the year material its made by naughty dog one of the best developers the and uncharted 2 win game of the year overall 2009

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