Namco has "great plans" for the Tales series

OXM UK: "Tales of Vesperia for Games on Demand is just the start."

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Cloudberry2748d ago

Hopefully, English Tales game doesn't stop at Graces F.

Xillia looks so amazing in scans & trailers, so I hope we could also able to play it in English.

PS: this is the 5th related English Tales news from Bandai Namco Games.

Still waiting for further news about English Graces F.

Yi-Long2748d ago

... to play the game in the original language with subs, instead of just offering a dub-only release.

truehunter2748d ago

This is why they let NIS American do tha publishing.

rockleex2748d ago

Why would people disagree? More voice options, the better.

princejb1342748d ago

tales series is excellent
except for the one that came out on ps2 forgot the name

CrazyForGames2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

i got bored of tales after the original symphonia

how people can whine and moan about final fantasy and still go nuts about this is beyond me

Kamikaze1352748d ago

Because it's cool to hate on the popular and love the unpopular.

Redempteur2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )


Symphonia is far from being the "original".

Phantasia, destiny , eternia ( AND others )..were there before ..and even then the differences in gameplay are obvious.

i guess you can't see the changes in TALES OF games since you don't even know the saga well

CrazyForGames2748d ago


i NEVER once said symphonia was the original tales game i said i got bored after the original symphonia
seeing as how there is more than 1 symphonia

evrfighter2748d ago

ouch try again Redempteur

Redempteur2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

"i got bored of tales after the original symphonia "

The sentence is self explanatory ..

Also if you're bored with action rpgs that actually change their battle system each game then you must be bored quite fast ..

the difference between symphonia and vesperia are numerous i'm talking battle system , magic system , overall world and characters ...

Are you crazy for games first account ? how funny ...

CrazyForGames2748d ago

uh no its not because if it was i wouldn't have had to explained it to you

FACT of the matter is i NEVER said symphonia was the original tales game you just jumped to a conclusion and assumed i said so
there is more than 1 symphonia game and i got bored of tales after the original symphonia

aside from characters and setting the so called changes the tales series has to offer are down right microscopic
if tales made any real changes people would be whining and moaning just like final fantasy

as for assuming that guy is me
what's actually funny is that you automatically assume someone mocking you on some other account is me as if i couldn't mock you on this one

Redempteur2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

"aside from characters and setting the so called changes the tales series has to offer are down right microscopic "

Funny so every tales of has a monster management system like symphonia 2 ?

Funny so every tales of in 3D has free roaming ?

should i continue ?

Sure characters like repede or judith are copycats ( gameplay wise ) from différent games ?

Sure let's put Tales of legendia and Tales of symphonia side by side and of course you don't see the différences

Sure the Fonim system of Tales of abyss ( every artes , or chaining of artes is based on that ) is present on every other title right ?

Sure you're right changes at all
It's not like every main tales of game give birth to a new class system on is own that is never reused afterwards... ..

yeah you're right microscopic changes /s

sure i might have mis interpretted your words but the fact remains that you don't know much of the tales of games...

it's obvious that there is no différences between symphonia and vesperia /s HAVE YOU EVEN TRIED TO PLAY THE GAMES ??

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Obama2748d ago

should release the complete version for the ps3 in the west, not just japan.

Stealth20k2748d ago Show
DEagle-izer2748d ago

If you're a gamer too, why don't you do something for Namco Bandai to release the complete version westside?

Gimme a good answer, LOL!

Whackedorange2748d ago

I think that will never happen since i think MS struck an exclusive deal for the title in the western regions of the world

Caudill2748d ago

Great! Hopefully these "big plans" involve bringing over Xillia and any future installments as well.

It totally sucks seeing new games get announced in this series when you know there's a pretty good chance you won't ever get to play them.

Still really disappointed we're not getting the PS3 version of Vesperia, they released it for Games on Demand, so why not a PSN release or something if a disc release is out of the question? I already have a 360 copy, but the fan in me really wants this "director's cut" version.

Oh well, atleast Graces is coming! Can't wait!

gorebago2748d ago

I'll take any moderately decent jrpg so even if the general consensus here is that this series is medicore, so be it. I liked Veperia and wanted to replay it on the PS3 but that never happened.

I like video games as long as they have some semblance of fun factor.

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