How Can Nintendo’s Next Console Possibly Compete?

Kotaku - Let's speculate, shall we?

There's rumours of a Wii 2 going around, and it's certainly possible that such a thing might be announced soon(ish), considering that the Wii is basically a zombie right now. My question is, how can Nintendo actually make it work?

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Stealth20k2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

exclusives,price, value

like always

and people are going to chose kinect over a game platform?

Article meet bullshit, it wants to date you

plb2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Yep, basically this. Nintendo has never been about super powerful hardware and I wouldn't expect that to change. It has always been about the games and I doubt they will give up on the casual market given how much money the Wii brought in.

OhMyGandhi2749d ago

Nintendo's NEW tagline, "You get what you pay for"

Perjoss2749d ago

"how can it possibly compete?"

I'm sure this was said MANY, many times about the Wii when its specs were revealed.

StanSmith2749d ago

If it's HD and upscales current wii and Gamecube games then it will be an instant buy from me. Then again, i'd still buy it if it didn't. You just can't get the magic of the nintendo franchises anywhere else!

MostJadedGamer2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I think it is going to be extremely difficult for Nintendo Next Gen. I expect them to finish in a very distant last place for several reasons.

#1. Most peoples Wiis are in their closets collecting dust. It s going to be very difficult to sell these people on getting a Wii 2.

#2. Sony & MS wont be caught with their pants down again. They will launch their next systems with a innovate controle system weather it motion controles or some other type of controle we have never thought of.

#3. Despite Wii being by far the most successful console this Gen their 3rd party support was still extremely weak for the 3rd generation in a row. There is absolutely nothing Nintendo can do to regain 3rd party support in the console market. It is lost for forever for several reasons which I can explain if somebody doesnt know.

#4. Nintendo does not sell their hardware at a loss. It is just how they choose to operate their business. So Sony, and MS will once again have far superior hardware because they will be willing to sell their hardware at s big loss.

darthv722749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

your point number 1 really is one sided. People who bought the wii use the wii otherwise they wouldnt have bought it. Only the 'core' view the wii as a closet dust collector but realistically they are probably in use more than people here on N4G would like to believe.

That is what would be a tough selling point for the wii 2. Those who got the wii and play the simple casual games are more than satisfied with what it does. They wouldnt be so inclined to pick up the next system because of the relevance the wii currently offers them.

Keep in mind there are other people out there besides the N4G crowd that like to use what they have instead of wish for what they don't.

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plb2749d ago

Still selling pretty good for a "zombie"

ardivt2749d ago

I really don't think nintendo wants to release a console before there are 360/ps3 successors.
at this point of this console generation nintendo needs to deliver something very special to compete with these well etablished hd consoles and I don't think they have something like this

Istanbull2749d ago

I hope Nintendo makes a console like before they went casual/mainstream. Possibly a Gamecube 2?

a08andan2749d ago

Well the major problem for Nintendo will be appealing to the casual audience once again. I believe that most casual gamers will be happy with phone-games or browser-based games this time around. And a lot of casuals probably won't rush out and by another console. And Nintendo is not unique with their motion-based gaming anymore.

darthv722749d ago

when you read about senior centers using the wii as a tool for getting them motivated. You just cant help wonder what a wii 2 could do for them. They arent the likely crowd to play the next mario or zelda.

CaptainMarvelQ82749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )


Raven_Nomad2749d ago

WHEN Nintendo decides to release a new console, which I don't think will be for a couple of years, it will probably offer Wii controls as well as standard controls and should also be comparable with the other consoles as far as power goes.

Also Nintendo needs to take a close look at XBL and make their own form of paid online gaming, Nintendo is so worried about kids getting kidnapped and things like that, I believe a paid service that is policed as well as XBL would do wonders.

They need to drop friends codes and just do a paid online service. Keep up the quality exclusives, which of course it's Nintendo so they will always have Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Donkey Kong ect....

I believe the next Nintendo console wont even be called Wii or anything like that, they don't usually go in least not in the past.

OhMyGandhi2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I agree. For them to be even remotely competent in the next gen hardware battle (by the way, screw the whole "we're not competing with Sony or Microsoft BS, yes you are, as declared by your most loyal fans), they need to, as Raven said, have a decent online component, I would like to see something similar to Xbox Live (but as stingy folks speak volumes about a paid subscription to anything online will contest) it needs to have a free function online as well. What gets me is Nintendo's utter lack of norms, things that people EXPECT by now are simply waved away like a battered fly, that simply cannot be the way of the future for them.

I'd imagine that they'd stick with motion controls, and cater to mainly casual crowds (which is not a bad thing, but it IS the truth), they'll need to boost performance on the visual end, and somehow provide glassless 3d capabilities by then, on a home console.

I wish they'd support more indie development as well, showcasing the best people have to offer, but allowing indies to develop for a cheaper price.

As the "app store" and such continue, with causal games on the horizon and Apple holding the smoking gun, Nintendo needs to hound in on their audience and keep them before Apple steals them away using what Nintendo did with the DS - touch screens.

It's interesting to follow them, because I am a avid fan of the Nintendo prior to the Wii, they always have given the "finger" to convention, which served them well with the Wii and Motion Controls.

Raven_Nomad2749d ago

I respect you opinion but if Nintendo offers Free online, it will always be that Friends code deal.

They need a paid subscription that they can police, that way they are covered if anything does happen.

I know I am not the only one who thinks all both Nintendo and Sony will only offer Paid online next generation. Sony is feeling that out as we speak with PSN+ and if you notice their commercials they skip over the part where it used to say "free online".

How could these companies not look at what Microsoft is doing and not join in? I know fanboys use it as an excuse to hate, but tons of games require a monthly fee, mostly P.C. games but it's my opinion that anything worthwhile has a cost.

I think they go with more power in their next console, but they wont have anything 3D involved as it's not even close to being the norm. HDTV is only just now in 55% of households.

I doubt they use Blu Ray however in a cost saving move for the consumers, but I would foresee the next Nintendo console priced around $299 and being released with a Wii types motion controller and a standard controller sort of like the gamecube.

StanSmith2749d ago

I think it's possible it will be called WiiHD. Just like they went from DS to 3DS.

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