Infinity Blade: A New Era Of Games

In this in-depth interview, Chair Entertainment heads Donald and Geremy Mustard discuss the inspiration and success of Infinity Blade, the team's first iOS title, what they've learned from it, and what it means for the future of their development process and even games at large.

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Stealth20k2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

oh boy they sure are laying it on thick for shovelware

The sad part is it sold well, but its a terrible game(bad gameplay, bad story, bad controls, bad depth). But its the best the ios has in terms of an original rpg sales wise. Which is sad

Does that say more about gamers or developers?

Aarix2751d ago

Okay be specific how these have bad controls before you go running mouth. Also explain why the game play sucks.

Redgehammer2751d ago

You are the first person that I have heard state that opinion.
I really enjoyed the interview; however, I do not have the game, my hands are much to large for any kind of hand-held gaming (excluding Words/Chess with Friends). I get too frustrated holding such small device for any period of time. Plus I feel; why should I play a hand-held game, when there is TF2 Classic always calling me? And when my rocket-jumping addiction is sassafied (yeah I know, I "said" sassafied) I have 132 full version games on my 360 (including indie) to play. However, I have really enjoyed the Chair games I have played like Undertow and Shadow Complex the latter being a revelation; since I did not play the games that were its inspiration.

I am happy they are experiencing success and look forward to Chair's next XBLA title, whatever it is, (Read "is" as Shadow Complex 2).