Battlefield 3 Looks Amazing Graphically, But What About the Story?

Whether you were a fan of Battlefield 2 or not its tough to look past the amazing graphic capability of the 3rd chapter in the series, utilizing the latest Frostbite engine. The fluidity in which the characters move, even at this early alpha stage, is shocking to say the least. EA and DICE have really set the bar high, and its exciting to see how much they can push the current generation consoles to meet the demand of gamers out there. Here is what I am wondering though, with all the emphasis put on the graphics inside the game, what has potentially happened to the story?

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rabidpancakeburglar2837d ago

Haven't played a battlefield before bad company, so my expectations on story aren't high which means that I won't be disappointed either way as there will still be multiplayer

Yi-Long2837d ago

...I buy Battlefield for the MP. SP is just a bonus as far as I'm concerned, although obviously I hope it will be brilliant in all departments in every way possible!

gcolley2836d ago

i actually enjoyed the BFBC1 story. it had a lot of humour in it. Can't even remember the BFBC2 story. BF3 will be like playing CoD for single player so no doubt the story will be just as forgetful.

DeadlyFire2836d ago

Its Battlefield. Why would you need a story when you are in the battlefield with a gun in your hand and enemies to shoot. Go get them!

The MP for this is all I care about. I know DICE and EA want to copy Call of Duty and make up some kinda story or something I don't give a crap about. FPS games I play singleplayer gets boring fast. Why? AI sucks. At most with the computing power of today's hardware we can get what 1-2% of brain power out of AI into a game. A monkey online plays smarter than game AI.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2837d ago

Sto....ry? Sorry this is fpsland. Take your RPG lingo elsewhere./s

ddurand12837d ago

no joke. I havent played a FPS story since....*trys to remember....

N4Gsukballs2837d ago

Theres gonna be an enemy leader that needs to be killed. when you kill him the game ends. trophy pops up. which is the only reason you were playing the story in the first place.

plb2837d ago

The SP in BF games are just a bonus TBH. MP is the heart of the game.

xYLeinen2837d ago

This is such a bullshit headline to create inecessary controversy.

BF is NOT about story, it's a about multiplayer so the correct headline would be "what about the multiplayer".

Kahvipannu2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Indeed, no-one really cares about the sp, unless your new to the franchise, so it works as tutorial for game mechanics.

Borrowed from the author:" I dont want to waste 6 hours doing just that, when I could have played 6 more hours of either the multiplayer.." Exactly what how I felt with BF:BC2, played maybe two missions sp, and tons of mp.

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