Microsoft gets tough on naughty gamer mottos

Joystiq reports: "Even though your "Bros b4 hos" Gamer Motto may be both poignant and accurate, you may want to rethink it if you plan on playing on Xbox Live this weekend. Savings sultan CheapyD warns that his account was suspended for around 24 hours for his seemingly innocuous motto of "Konichiwa, bitches!" Another user on the site got a similar punishment for "called the šhit þoop," which is probably a bit more fair."

"As Cheapy points out, a warning probably would have been sufficient, instead of automatically suspending a paying customer's account. There's still no word on whether or not Van Halen fans will get similar punishment for using their mottos to celebrate For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge."

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PS360WII4492d ago

I don't know I think a 24 hour suspension is a warning. Getting banned would be excessive.

JsonHenry4492d ago

This is one of those times that I really wish MS went more along the lines of the Sony "do whatever you want" online motto... : (

ReBurn4492d ago

If the motto violates the TOS then I don't see where someone can complain about a suspension. The TOS is clear on what can happen, so it isn't like people don't know.

Rowland4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

I was once banned with: EyeSticketopchikins, would you believe.

goodganja4492d ago

You pay for a service and still restricted to your freedom of speech. Right on Micro$hit.


P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

jmoneezie4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

If you weren't so ignorant and narrow minded towarded bashing microsoft, you would be able to understand M$ point for such actions.

Just because you paid for something doesn't give you the right to say and do whatever you would like toward others. The people having to deal with this type of non-sense online have paid for it also. Why should they be subjected to this bullsh!t.

I can't believe you are condoning this crap just so you can bash MS. Stop "hating while you're waiting"

P L A Y E V E N T U A L L Y!

P.S. Don't try and make this a constitutional right issue. There is a TOS that should have been read prior to "Paying".

goodganja4492d ago

Tell that to the kids who are constantly spewing out racial slurs on halo. PS3 has a mature online community

PlayStation3604492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

between the 2, I would have to agree XBL has more hateful/immature folks. But dudes in the PSN are in no way saints.

jaja14344492d ago

Every online community has kids shouting nonsense into a mic, or on a forum such as this case...

PS3n3604491d ago

"PS3 has a mature online community"???? Nasim proves your point there. PS3 fanboys are the most rabid ignorant fanboys on the net. Saying they are a mature community is stretching it further than Sony stretches your o-ring

jmoneezie "Stop hating while you're waiting" <--priceless LOL

The BS Police4491d ago

Judging by how you act here, I doubt that the PS3 fanbase is as mature as you say it is.

PlayStation3604491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

Come on now, That hurt my feelings bro. :P

iceice1234491d ago

On the internet. If you have live you signed up for the code of conduct. It is common sense to not have something offsensive, why would they want that going around...? and Good from your name and how you act on this site I can tell PSN is no better than any other online service.

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HarryEtTubMan4491d ago

Guys I love everyone and I feel scared for alot of our futures. I'm a junior in college and have been studying this for 2 years straight. North America is an Evil Empire following the footsteps of Nazi Germany... they ARE the Empire of the world... People everywhere know this and declassified information is everywhere about this... the President and all his minioins have been in Secret Societys and are till this day... Watch this and listen closely. George Bush and company want to complete what Hitler said almost 70 years ago... and that is to build a "NEW WORLD ORDER"

grifter0244491d ago

Hmm true true some motts do take it a little to far sometimes, I saw one today that said "I fkng Rape U!" now is there a problem with this particular motto? Yes there is its ignorrant and very mean to anyone who reads it and should be banned, the person should learn his mistake and should try to be a little more curteous towards others. I know I have a bad motto but its more of a generalization then an attack towards anyone I mean go read it and tell me if I should be banned, its my own opinion in my motto and from what ive seen its basically true to me so thats why my motto is what it is. Now yes we have lots of kids on XBL thinking that they rule the universe and think that since you cant find out who they are they can just spew anything out of there mouth and not get in trouble, can anything be done about this...yes I always file a complaint on someone who starts disrespecting someone else in a game. Beleive me when someone sees there rep as 2% prefer you and 98% ignored you and he has half a star then he will start to think about what hes doing , he will see his stars leaving slowely and subconsicouly he will try to keep them at 5 stars. Plus I love your comment PSN has a "Mature" crowd hmm it's probably because 2 reasons, 1 kids dont have enough money and parents dont want to shell out 600+(Yes I know about the 399 and 499 but not a lot of parents know about this and most of the little kids that want a new system instinctivly want the higher priced one plus it shows that the ps3 is floundering in sales cause of this) and 2. The mass market doesnt have a ps3, I mean think about it the first actual real big online gaming experience was LIVE PS barely came out with there own finally and most of the world still plays online thru LIVE so we have a bigger community which means more little kids to deal with but Ive talked to long on the subject.

PS ganja I expected you to write a list of ps3 games coming exclusively to your game console ....seeing as how thats what you always do when you get in an argument.

Ignorant Fanboy4491d ago

"some motts do take it a little to far sometimes"

This is coming from someone with an avatar of a girl giving head.

I would have just stayed quiet on this one.

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