Red Dead Redemption was originally a PS2/Xbox title

SystemLink: "Superannuation has used his uber interweb skills to discover that the much vaunted and frankly stunning Rockstar sandbox Red Dead Redemption started life in the Sixth Generation era."

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darthv722751d ago

that started development on one console generation but ended up being released on the next. I'm sure there are some titles being developed right now for the ps3/360 but if problems happen, could be pushed to the next system release.

Well maybe not so much for the ps3 as it is hitting its stride but certainly for the 360.

Valay2751d ago

Well, I'm glad it is a PS3/360 title.

SpinalRemains1382751d ago

Of course. Red Dead Revolver was like 8 years ago.

bumnut2751d ago

I preferred Revolver to Redemption personally.

kidnplay2751d ago

In one way, I'm glad that it turned out to be a Seventh Generation release (that being console generation), as it means the quality is excellent and the scope for what they could do is really open.

In another though, a part of me wonders; if Red Dead Redemption were a PS2/Xbox release, would we have another Red Dead release instead, perhaps even better thanks to the additional game in between to hone their skills and perfect the formula even more?

Merely a reflection. A very, very good game, nonetheless.

Freddy_Millz12751d ago

Sooo glad they decided to wait.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2751d ago

They didn't decide to wait, they were actually having development problems, development of RDR was dragged on over 3+ years.

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