Remedy Claims New Tech Raises The Bar For Facial Animation

Developer demonstrates "LA Noire beating" animation tool capable of rendering every human expression in real time.

During a visit to Finland-based Max Payne and Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment, we were given an exclusive look at work-in-progress animation tech that the studio is using to create its next project.

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Ahasverus2745d ago

They are aiming to simulate the blood flood beneath skin? oh my God this got serious :O

Noble Spartan2745d ago

Alan Wake 2 will be stunning with this tech.

Active Reload2745d ago

It's a shame, a lot of devs don't even get the veins right, lol.

gypsygib2745d ago

Here we go again.

Remember last time: "OMG Alan Wake has the best console graphics EVAR!! Suck it Uncharted 2, SUCK IT!!!"

Then releases...oops, my mistake.

ComboBreaker2745d ago

This tech will only be available for the PC.
And since Alan Wake 2 will not be on the PC, Alan Wake 2 will not be able to use this tech.

However, whatever game they're developing for the PC and PS3 using this tech is going to be awesome.

Godmars2902745d ago ShowReplies(4)
plb2745d ago

I just hope the game comes to both consoles. Would have liked to play AW.

Elven62745d ago

The tech sounds very impressive from that write up, it's cool how they didn't slack off the competition either but said "...we’re aiming to be here.", very humble.

Christopher2745d ago

Not sure why everyone is so pressed to outdo others with technology. Alan Wake wasn't a technical powerhouse, but it was a good game on its own. I'd rather they focus on upping all elements of the game equally rather than focusing too much on one element of technology over another.

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The story is too old to be commented.