Women Prefer Wii, Men Prefer PlayStation 3 just pulled down a report claiming that 76% of you have at least one "digital lifestyle" product on your wish lists this holiday season. That's according to a national survey of 1,200 American consumers by Solutions Research Group, which breaks the list into top 10 items for men, women, and an overall combination of the two.

Surprisingly, the PlayStation 3 beat both the Xbox 360 and Wii on the men's top 10 list, pulling in 10% of respondents and slotting #6 on the list (the Xbox 360 and Wii garnered 8% in 9th and 10th place respectively).

Also surprising, the Wii ranked 8th on the women's top 10 list, receiving 9% of the vote and beating either a new Apple laptop or TiVo.

The Apple iPhone didn't make the top 10, ranking #15 overall. Laptops were preferred over desktops 2-to-1 in the 18-34 age group, and all three game systems were on 18-34 lists, with the Wii (#8) beating the PS3 (#9) and Xbox 360 (#12).

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HeartlesskizZ4050d ago

Wrong, I dont prefer the Wii no matter how cute it looks.

MK_Red4050d ago

Because you're awesome :)

Agree on article being wrong. I know more boys playing and loving Wii than girls.

HeartlesskizZ4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

I mean really, nor my sister likes the wii. we decied to maybe get it this xmass fot the mario soccer game or the one with snake. but thats about it =)

snakeak4050d ago

but, as a girl on N4G you wouldn't exactly fall in with the average female crowd. And, to Red, of course you know more guys that like the wii, there are more guy gamers in general, they are just taking equal proportions and checking what they prefer.

TheSadTruth4050d ago

agreed with above... especially with a name like Demon_Zoul

that's the kind of name a 13 year old boy would use.. so either you aren't a girl, or you don't fit in the "girl" demographic

MyNutsYourChin4050d ago

snakeak, you hit bullseye with that comment and TheSadTruth definately pointed out the sad truth. The girl demographic that prefers the Wii is the majority of girl gamers, which includes casual and hardcore. Of course males prefer the PS3, the majority of gamers before the Wii came out were male and were playing the PS2. Why would they make an exodus to another system when the PS2 and its games proved its worth ten-fold?

HeartlesskizZ4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

My first user name here was my gamertag(ZilveR_ZurfeR) and I changed to Demon_Zoul by mixing two of my favorite old games. DevilMaycry and the evil soul of Bloodrayne. Not evey girl will pick names like beautiful or anyother girly thing. and for your info im 22. so believe what you want just dont judge people you dont know... Do I judge you?....exactly

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cloud3604050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

Please reply to this message if you are a "Female"

Am curious. I hardly thought that there was any women on this site. Plz say which console you prefer if u can

Edit After 1 hour. Just as i thought. Women are shy creatures with no confidence what so ever.

My comment below was a test. The no. of disagrees i get showshow many women or on the site. If you disagreed and yiur a man your gay.

Also i would like to add that i do not decide anything about anyone. Refers back to "creatureswith no confidence". nor do i care about what people think of me

Mr_Kuwabara4050d ago

So this is your conclusion? That women are shy and the men that disagreed are gay?

Wow, I hope your not studying to be a scientists or anything that has to do with science and the likes.

MaximusPrime4050d ago

im a guy with a lot of gadget. Yep PS3 is my preferred console. ;)

sak5004050d ago

I prefer games on 360 than to BS hype of ps3

SmokeyMcBear4050d ago

you are not a man.. you are a sheep.. now run along little sheep

MaximusPrime4050d ago

I say that Microsoft is in even deep S with all this hype with console failure. RROD.

WafflesID4050d ago

only fanboys care about the RROD.

Sales haven't stopped for the 360 no matter how much you wish it so.

I love how you people turned this article into fanboy fuel. Good job.

Accept the fact that there are people out there who like ALL of the consoles, and no matter how much you say one of them sucks, people are still going to buy games and play them on the system they choose.

cloud3604050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

Women must suck at Video Games