CVG - The SOCOM 4 beta - forgettable fragger or tactical genius?

CVG - The SOCOM 4: Special Forces open multiplayer beta is in full swing now and we reported for duty last week just as the public phase opened its doors to all comers. Previously only PlayStation Plus and US Killzone 3 owners got a chance to get a taste of Zipper Interactive's tactical shooter, but as of April 5th, the beta was been blown wide open and now anyone can claim a portion. Our advice? Dip a toe in, the fragging's just fine, but be quick, the beta closes on April 13th so the clock's counting down.

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Yardie2839d ago

I was watching videos, and didn't like what i saw, but after playing the beta, i'm really excited for release.

Pixel_Pusher2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

The mp was a blast and I haven't this much fun playing an online shooter since UC2 before all the updates. It's a day 1 buy for me.

"It's tough to draw too many definitive conclusions while a game's still in beta as there's still some final tweaking , balancing and finessing to be done. However, subjective as these things are, SOCOM 4's online games are smooth, lag-free with plenty of players ready to do battle in a pleasingly slick experience that's every bit as compelling as the best of the FPS breed. With a wealth of game modes and styles, a decent progression system, plenty of rewards and perks to choose from and some satisfyingly hearty tactical shooting action, there's every sign that SOCOM 4 will not only live up to, but exceed the series' finest multiplayer traditions."