Losing Backwards Compatibility a Blessing?

When the PlayStation 3 first released back in 2006 one of its most touted features was backwards compatibility. This was a smart move for the company because it insured that consumers would have a built in library of high caliber games when making the leap to the next gen

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rabidpancakeburglar2837d ago

No. I had a lot of ps2 games so it wasn't good to lose backwards compatibility

Quagmire2837d ago

Agreed, despite the amoun t of rereleased HD titles we are getting, there are still many more tiles I wanted to play, which may never get a rerelease, such as Jak and Ratchet series, Tekken 4 and Tekken Tag Team, Kingdom Hearts and Timesplitter series, among a few others

Jason1432837d ago

not good at all to lose this. Why are we forced to re-buy every title when we can play them in hd on ps2 using xploder hd? Im playing shadow of the colossus right now on 1080i o my ps2. I love sonys and the added features they put in the remakes but BC should have been a standard.

kasasensei2837d ago

"Losing Backwards Compatibility a Blessing?"
Go see a doctor.