Driver: San Francisco: Collector's Edition Not Cancelled?

It seems that Ubisoft hasn't cancelled the Collector's Edition of Driver: San Francisco. People who ordered the videogame at Amazon got a special e-mail today.

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Der_Kommandant2745d ago

The game will take place in Tanner's coma dream.

ShabbaRanks2745d ago

Looks like it... I don’t know why they are trying to destroy a game that was so good (Driver 1)... The second could have been good, but it was filed with bugs and had horrible graphics... Same thing goes for the third... Parrallel lines was okay and now this shifting trash ability like seriously wtf...

Its also funny that in an Interview the guy was saying: Oh yeah and were going back to the roots in San Francisco… Hmm the roots? You mean Miami is the roots of the driver franchise right… Its were Tanner has always lived!