A single (player) man.

Are single-player games dying?

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christheredhead2774d ago

single player games aren't dying they just aren't at the forefront of gaming like they used to be. there are some amazing single player games with more to come this year. the focus has shifted to multiplayer though so single player is becoming overshadowed but they are still very relevant.

i mean you cant blame the developers and publishers as they are just looking at what sells. not that single player games bomb but if you create a game with some guns and a couple of maps then it usually sells millions whether the game is actually good or not. plus you often hear the phrase "no multiplayer = no buy" which is a shame. not that all multiplayer involves just shooting cause there are some great co op games and other types of multiplayer like racing, dungeon crawling, mmo type games, etc. the majority though comes from some kind of fps/tps setup that most developers seem to be looking towards for that cash in. even if it is just a tacked on experience.

personally i dont play multiplayer except for bad company 2. thats the only multiplayer game that i can play with out getting bored from the repetition of the game itself. i would hope that single player games never die out though as thats pretty much the only kind of games i play.