MyNiritori | Dead Space Review (PS3)

MyNiritori's Rdawg reviews Visceral Game's horror title Dead Space.

"Imagine being sent on a mission to establish contact with a floating space vessel, and to find it decommissioned, dark, and filled with creatures that would love nothing more then to cut off your head and devour your innards. You have officially entered Dead Space. "

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snaz272748d ago

huh? Isn't this review a tad bit late? Lol... Doesn't this site realise the second one is out already?

iDotDotDot2748d ago

Old or not, it can Still help people who never played it and were contemplating buying it.

Rdawg000142748d ago

I realize it, in fact I own it. I dont feel it matters that much the date of the review compared to the date of release. Im not trying to inform anyone, im just writing. If its too old, dont read it :P

snaz272748d ago

lol don't worry i didn't :-)... I've beat this game time ago... I mean i can see sense in a review a few months past release but a couple years? And i'm pretty sure 99 percent of people on here already know what dead space is all about, but yeah maybe it could help that 1 percent, maybe, i guess lol.