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Dealspwn writes: "Portal 2 is one of the most anticipated titles of 2011, and we were delighted to play through its opening levels at a recent EA showcase in order to test out its new setting and tweaked mechanics in action. For the record, I tested it on a PS3 – which Valve promises will be the superior version."

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plb2750d ago

Anyone know when reviews will start coming out for this and MK9?

Blues Cowboy2750d ago

Within a fortnight for Portal 2, don't know about MK9.

plb2750d ago

Well you're of no help :P

Are_The_MaDNess2750d ago


try Google if you don't understand will you

its 14 days aka 2 weeks

FuzzyPixels2750d ago

MK is embargoed until the 19th

TravUK2750d ago

Not sure which I'm more excited about - Portal 2 on my PC or Steamworks on my PS3 to enable cross-platform play and chat.

a_bro2750d ago

you should be happy about both, you now have more options to play it the way you want, when you want and where you want.

TravUK2750d ago

Oh I am excited, although I doubt I'll be playing Portal 2 on my PS3 even though I'll be buying it for the PS3 so I have the option at least. :)

gordonfreewoman2750d ago

CANNOT wait for this game. Going to buy 2 copies, one for me, one for the other half.