Civilization V is the first game that supports DX11 multi-thread rendering

DasReviews writes: "One of the big aces of DX11 was its multi-threaded capabilities. DX11 would enhance the scaling and would be quite beneficial to all those CPU bound games. Ironically, there wasn’t any game that offered proper DX11 multi-thread rendering till recently. Hell, even Nvidia hadn’t included any command lists to their drivers about the multi-thread rendering. Everything is about to change though, as the first 270.xx ForceWare drivers have finally enabled the full support of it..."

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Shuklar2774d ago

Now if they could only work on the multi-threading of the AI scripting. Waiting 20-90s per turn once you reach higher level games is annoying as f*ck

lzim2774d ago

that's why you play RTS games. As well why CIV is garbage compared to Rails! the world needs Rails 2 with dx11 love.