First 10 minutes: Ratchet & Clank demo

Watch the first 10 minutes of R&C:ToD Demo

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HeartlesskizZ4486d ago

I have not played the demo yet but i will soon

richie007bond4486d ago

To be honest theres nothing groundbreaking or new about this game at all,next gen starts when we say lol,not from were am standing from Sony..I have yet to see any improvments from graphics to to gameplay from any ps3 game that i havent seen or been already done on 360,the 360 is leading inovation and graphics and gameplay,seems just like the ps3 is just struggleing to keep up,got to try harder Sony before you impress me....

HarryEtTubMan4486d ago

Riiigggghhhhhtttttt... no one cares what u think flameboy. This game just got a perfect 10 from GAMEINFORMER. Ps3 destroys 360 in anyway possible. 360 even had a whole year of the market to itself and has released all its biggest games and has sold like GARBAGE. PS3 is constantly trying to come from behind andwill still win easily... PS3 won't be selling at its true peak for another 3 years from noe and its will stilll be on sale 4-5 years after that. Too bad for you... o wait you'll probally have one in the next year you're just a hater.

Sevir044486d ago

the only thing as of right now the 360 is leading in is failiure rates. every thing else on the 360 is so so. Sony doesn't have to impress you because you've got the fankid mind set, and the sony hate written all over your xbox loving face. lol!!! keep it up though MS must be paying you alot of money to advertise for them

xplosneer4486d ago

Okay then buddy. This is one of the best games I have seen this year(actually played games) right next to Halo 3(friends Xbox). I've never played a Ratchet game before...THIS IS AWESOME.

unlimited4486d ago

Calm down there Ratchet and Clank look better then almost every game on the 360 ..if you keep up with the new screens and trailers you will know..and if you played the demo you be speechless how beautiful the games looks on HD!!

KeMoBLUE4486d ago


graphics-ps3(all ps3 games out are year1 games and still look better than year 2 xbox 360 games and let me not remind you what game runs at 640p *cough* halo*cough*3)

gameplay-DEFINATLEY the wii

The Brave 14486d ago

dont worry richie the PS3 will be $400 soon and maybe youll be able to afford one.

Marceles4486d ago

It's a great game, it's that simple. This is exactly the reason why PS3 games get bashed. Reviewers don't see it's "groundbreaking" and looking like Killzone 2, so they give it 7s and 8s, but the 360 can get the same kind of games, and they get a high 8s and 9s because the 360 has a get-out-of-bash free card. Sigh*...gotta love the gaming community

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Daves4486d ago

Never played previous Clanks, but that looks great fun. :)

ericnellie4486d ago

I've never played this series but, holy hell -- it looks action packed! I think I'm going to give this one a try!!!!

HeartlesskizZ4486d ago

This looks fun no matter what others said. Ill play it tonight

Bebedora4486d ago

make your own opinion.

I had so-so first, but was left for MORE! It's well done as a chef once said.

TheXgamerLive4486d ago

It's more of a slightly dressed up kids version of "sonic the hedgehog". Not my type of game but a good one for children to be sure.

anh_duong4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

you can say also that halo 3 is just halo 2 dressed up but it isn't because halo 3 is so much more. don't be a twat - leave your playground fanboy attitude at home since your comments shows you to be a fanboy and not a gamer.

anyone who really appreciates gaming would never have said the thing you just said why?? because it is the same as saying every fps is just another doom clone. pathetic.

i fvcking hate morons who swear blind allegiance to one console.

Shankle4486d ago

A kid's version of sonic the hedgehog? What? Firstly, sonic is for kids, second, there hasn't been a sonic game worth looking at twice for years, so there's nothing that really compares to this game, and finally, ratchet isn't a kid's game. It's just a laid back, lighthearted platformer. A very different experience from the grizzly shooters we normally play nowadays. Anyone who gets this game will enjoy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.