L.A Noire tech's exciting future revealed by Team Bondi

CVG: The technology used to make L.A Noire will soon be able to create in-game action that rivals TV and cinema in the realism stakes.

That's the opinion of the game's creator, Team Bondi - which has revealed the jaw-dropping future direction it believes DepthAnalysis' MotionScan will take.

MotionScan currently requires in-game actors to re-record scenes whilst just their head is filmed by 32 HD cameras from various angles, which has resulted in the subtle in-game facial movements that play into L.A Noire's interrogation sequences.

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Stealth20k2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

then why play games?

Most analyst and other developers have already deemed the tech unusable because of its costs and time. La noire was delayed over 3 times.......

Even rockstar said they arent using it. If the company putting up all the money isnt using it again.........thats even more damning

dragonelite2746d ago

Jep the cost are extremely high.
These games are for the Look at me kind of devs rockstar are like that they are always doing stuff that is special.

But this will not be industry standard anytime soon.
Especially when you need to hire a shitload of actors.

Active Reload2746d ago

This is the industry moving forward yet again, don't get left behind, lol.

Thepro3182746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Analyst know nothing they said RED DEAD wouldn't sell a 1 million when it was announce . I don't pay attention to what most devs say cause they lazy. Games like COD get 500 million dollar budget for marketing make wonder is development cost really that high.

Games4ever2746d ago

Stealth20k said then why play games?

Easy. Cause children like cartoons. Adults like realism.

OhMyGandhi2746d ago

great tech is used eventually by great developers to make great games.

it's just a matter of who "tests the waters".

starmin762746d ago

Would've been such a perfect fit