Brutal Legend for PS3 and Xbox 360 Rocks IGN Office

IGN reports:
"Friday afternoon at IGN is often a time of peace in what is typically a loud and lively office. That's because most of us are hung over from Tequila Thursday (one shot per grammatical error). But this Friday was different. On this Friday, IGN received a mysterious package that roused the interest of the entire editorial staff."

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nasim4481d ago

However if released in 2008 then this game would be lost in FF13,MGS4,GT5,WKS and WAR DEVIL storm.

The game should be deferred till 2009

MK_Red4481d ago

Glad to see at least they're trying some marketing for the game and aren't killing it like Psychonauts, one of the bests ever.

Hope they put that thing in Brutal Legend special edition.

wageslave4481d ago

I must agree on your nod to Psychonauts. I always wanted to play it, but never did buy it.

I bought a used copy of the Xbox version and played through it on my Xbox 360.

A great game indeed. If you (person reading this) can find a copy -- grab it up.

bababrooks4481d ago

i know this thread is not about psychonauts , but i agree with mk_red that it's a must buy , real funny stuff.

MK_Red4481d ago

Thanks for your comments and support of Psychonauts. It really deserves the best.

Hope they re-release it on PSN/XBLA or remake it or do something so gamers can see what a masterpiece the game is.