Braben: $50m game projects "not dead," but likely "taking a nap"

Huge blockbuster budgets involve spending a lot of publisher cash before "a single penny is earned back," and that concerns a lot of people warns David Braben.

With the rise of social and online gaming the triple-A blockbuster isn't the only means to earn big anymore he notes. Games are also "better suited" for ad revenue.

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RedDragan2774d ago

Look.... as much as it would hurt some people in game advertising is the way to go, but it would have be done in context of the game or people would avoid it like a rabbid dog!

I can only give one example where it would work and most gamers would still love to own the game and actually appreciate the advertising inside.


If they made a next gen game of that movie or spin off, it would NOT be Bladerunner without giant digital billboards within the cities.

And the best thing about that is the billboards can be updated and the amount of companies getting involved could be limitless. The money the dev would get would be rediculously huge and they certainly would get a little more than penny before they even start designing the game.

They can just keep adding the new adverts as time goes by, it would bring the BladeRunner universe alive because if they kept using the same fake adverts (or perhaps real adverts but never changing) then it would get stale!

That is one way to implement it and other stories unrelated to Bladerunner can look to that sort of model, allow product placement but make it sure it fits and isn't forced. Believe it or not, if you watched the movie Bladerunner it would seem without the adverts it wasn't the same universe and the game would probably bomb.

MrDead2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Like Yakuza does

Thepro3182774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

The true problem theses games getting finance wrong. They need be like the Movie industry take out a loan to a bank. Publisher ask for a set amount for a budget . The bank decide if its a cash grabber product or not.If they do you got your 50million plus for game development.

MrDead2774d ago

Oi Braben, make us a new elite game

barb_wire2774d ago

Braben is all talk now - he's been promising 'Elite 4' for close to a decade now.

Thing is, since he's so chummy with MS, if he did bring it out, I'm more than sure it'd be a 360 exclusive. Which would be a pity..

I still play the C64 version from time to time and I've just got back to playing 'Frontier: Elite 2' with an Amiga emulator.. good times!

RedDragan2774d ago

If you guys are looking for stop gap I recommend X3, it is a graphical wonder and has a fairly complex fighting and economics engine, but only has about 150 sectos. But that is enough to lose hours and hours as you build your empire.

MrDead2774d ago

I still play Frontire Elite 2 on my A1200.

I'll give X3 a go.

stuntman_mike2774d ago

what ever happened to that conspiracy game he (braben) was working on, i cant remember the name but you were a cia agent on the run. i remember they even showed screen shots awhile back.

RedDragan2774d ago

Wasn't that a Wii game?

stuntman_mike2774d ago

no i found it it was called the outsider, so far i think production has stopped on it.

RedDragan2774d ago

Ah right, so this is what he means by "taking a nap". As you say it appears production has stopped but the game is not cancelled, which kind of ties in with the article here.