PC gaming dead? Gold Farming, Power-Levelling Services Valued at $3 Billion says World Bank

A report commissioned by the World Bank's InfoDev programme, published last week, estimates the value of the "third party gaming services industry" at $3 billion USD. This industry, which is comprised of services such as MMO gold sales, power-levelling and other non-MMO-centric tasks including content moderation and social networking management, is also estimated to provide in the order of 100,000 full-time jobs to people in countries such as China and India.

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za3redrum2774d ago

Maybe those stupid people who say PC-gaming is dead should visit some LAN-parties, or start up games like World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike. You still don't see such big communities out there on consoles, so I don't know what everyone is talking about.

zeksta2774d ago

Oh yes, let's start up World at Warcraft Lan Parties and increase addiction to a higher level.

nskrishna22774d ago

oh yeah...I play CS everyday..xD

Winter47th2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I love it when PC fanboys argue otherwise by bringing a 2004 game and a few scrubs & pieces after it.

Sure, PC gaming may not be dying, but it sure as hell ain't thriving.

cakeisalie2774d ago

Heaven forbid if it was a playstation game that was still being played since 2004 you and the rest of the fanboys on this site would have been orgasming all over it.

Too bad they take away or close down support for consoles so you jump to their next game lol.

Saryk2774d ago

I had no clue that the gold farmers where bringing in that amount of cash...still can't stand them. Maybe I should join them!!!!!!!!!!!

ATiElite2774d ago

Yeh that looks great on your Resume.

Work Experience:
Professional Gold Farmer
Journeyman Grinder
Virtual XP Hustler

Saryk2774d ago

As of today, having that on my resume might not be a bad idea. Hell someone is spending those bucks on that gold!

plb2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

PC gaming is far from dying, it has just changed/adapted...

Today, PC gaming is more reserved for MMO, Social gaming, RTS etc Genres like FPS, Sports, and so on are more popular on console. Years ago on PC, FPS used to be HUGE. I remember the days of NOLF, Wolfenstein, UT etc. FPS is still a big part of PC gaming but not it once was.

ATiElite2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Many people see PC Gaming as dead or dying because they fail to realize that PC Gaming has evolved to the MMO and produces revenue differently from consoles. Retail vs. DD is the obvious but Micro-Transactions are the new wave.

Many PC Gamers spend most of their time playing MMO's. Sure right now your thinking PC Gamers play World of Warcraft all day...NO! You have MMO's of every genre of game play like Space Combat, RTS, FPS, 3PS, Action Adventure, Side scroller, FPS/RPG, and of course RPG plus many more.

MMO's are the perfect combination of Social Network and Gaming community that allow PC Games to test their skills and interact with 50K other gamers at any given time in a huge world too big for a 8GB disc.

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