A new breed of PlayStation exclusive: Sony maps out Xperia Play's future

Sony is planning to woo developers to bring a new type of PlayStation exclusive to market in the coming months - freezing out the likes of iPhone to release mobile titles only on its Xperia Play phone.

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TronEOL2774d ago

Allowing cross-platform play with Xbox360? Isn't that kind of counter-productive?

It's making it a better deal to own a 360 and Xperia Play as opposed to owning a PS3 and XP. Especially since you can't even transfer your PSN downloads to it. Oh well, I'm sure they have something lined up.

Although this does make things interesting. I'd love to see a console game do Cross-platform play between the two giants.

n4gisatroll2774d ago

He says "xbox and other consoles."

StupidDude2774d ago

it's not like Microsoft and Sony products haven't worked together before.

shit, i have Windows running on my Vaio laptop.

StupidDude2774d ago

so, anyway, is this damn thing ever coming out here in the states, or what?