Operation Flashpoint: Red River review - 8/10 in OPM

CVG: Official PlayStation Magazine has delivered its verdict on Codemasters' latest first-person shooter in a fresh Operation Flashpoint Red River review.

The mag awards the game an 8/10 score in its latest issue, describing it as a "hugely satisfying game" that makes you feel like "you own the battlefield".

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bumnut2745d ago

Im going to wait for more reviews, I don't take notice of early ones after buying Homefront and TDU2 because of them.

gorebago2737d ago

AMEN brother - I fell for both of those too.

bumnut2737d ago

I got them on pc so can't even trade them :(

PaPa-Slam2745d ago

This will probably end up yet another Mediocre game.

Kingdom Come2745d ago

You may consider the franchise "mediocre", but I'm guessing thats due to it being heavily focused on combat simulation. It has a large community and fanbase behind it so whilst it may be too difficult or slow-paced for you, for others it's heaven...

pr0digyZA2745d ago

I wonder if this one will go under the radar for many people due to the last game. It might get a lot of better scores seeing as there is no real hype on this one compared to the last.

-Mezzo-2745d ago

Meh, too many shooters. just got KZ3 last month & enjoying it so far, Battlefield 3 will probably be my next FPS purchase.

ColecoVision2745d ago

This is a day one purchase for me. The one thing this non linear game has is massive open levels. This should lead to a nice change of pace... A little more tactical instead of constantly pushing forward to kill enemy A.I. before they respawn.

The game has been delayed here in the states by almost 6 weeks, but is still on target for April 26 in Europe.

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