Wardell: If consoles skip 64-bit they'll be "in for some real hurt"

Stardock Games' Brad Wardell is excited that we're about to "make this jump to 64-bit" in PC gaming, which gives us "essentially unlimited memory" to play with.

It's "what’s holding us back" right now but 64-bit can set us free. PC will be "so far ahead" if consoles neglect 64-bit in the future. Graphics are "kind of at a standstill".

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MisterAV2773d ago

i thought consoles were already 64, even if it's useless having 512MB...
Also I've yet to see a PC game on my computer using more than 1GB of RAM on my PC so...

tdrules2773d ago

64-bit is much more than how much RAM is used.
It's an architecture of sorts,

stevenhiggster2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I see what you are saying but in the article he pretty much just bangs on about RAM, so really that's the only benefits he's looking at.
So it is kind of a moot point talking about consoles that have less than 2gb RAM anyway. And tbh from reading the article it seems like the author just stuck that bit about consoles in, it certainly wasn't a quote.

frostypants2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

stevenhiggster is right...this is a poorly written article that fails to describe the situation clearly.

And it's as much an OS issue as anything else. This article is 99.9% about PCs. And the .01% about consoles is only there because the author put words in the guy's mouth.

The Meerkat2773d ago

Didn't Atari claim the Jaguar was 64Bit?

MAJ0R2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

that's a lot different than a 64-bit operating system

zero_cool2773d ago

Atari Jaguar was not a true 64bit system it had two 32bit processors onboard.

JsonHenry2773d ago

I've played several games that use more than 1GB of RAM. The 2nd and 3rd Stalkers come to mind. (but they were not dual/quad core optimized) Supreme Commander did as well. Those are just off the top of my head.

Istanbull2773d ago

So why is the Nintendo 64 called 64?

Kleptic2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

the N64 did use a 64bit NEC processor, but was limited with a 32 bit system bus...which made it a marketing term more than anything...

the processor itself was capable of 64bit data precision operations...but there were many architectural issues with the console that made it all cost prohibitive to write 64 bit code...and nearly every game released for the N64 was actually programmed with 32 bit instruction sets...

after that console makers sort of stopped using the 'bit' even a PS3, 360, and usually a PC, is running 32 bit instructions through its architecture...all of which is ridiculously more advanced than anything an N64 could muster...the bit branding was quickly becoming meaningless as the standard 32 bit instruction base had PLENTY of room for improvement...that is what this article is getting seems, at least in this guys opinion, that developers have pretty much run out of room even with massive memory/processing resources...

FanboyPunisher2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

"Sony, IBM, and Toshiba begin manufacturing of the 64-bit Cell processor for use in the PlayStation 3, servers, workstations, and other appliances."


Or are missing the point, the point i was trying to make was they have had 64 bit in mind during 2006 during H/W development, why would sony suddenly drop this mentallity?

They wouldnt, they keep uptodate with tech. I never said PS3 was 64bit, as the amount of RAM the ps3 has makes no reason to have 64bit OS; but the future is possible to have this.

Hassi, dont argue with your master.
Need to think a little more out of the box, use more then that 10% of your brainpower.

hassi942773d ago

The processor is 64 bit but the OS isn't so it's not utilised as 64-bit.

Don't try pretend you know what you're talking about.

TheXonySbox2773d ago

OOoOOoOOo hassi got fucking served!

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Karooo2773d ago

wasnt the ps2 128bit? which is why its hard to emulate

Si-Pie2773d ago

no the PS2 had a single core 64 bit CPU.

Si-Pie2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Funny how I have disagrees considering what I said was right???

kesvalk2772d ago

welcome to N4G, if you state any kind of fact, you will get disagrees...

ATiElite2773d ago

The Playstation 2 has a 64bit CPU (Emotion Engine) clocked at 299MHZ and My PC can Emulate a PS2 without breaking a sweat.

Core i5 2500k FTW!

Stealth20k2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I thing whats holding them back is originality and differentiation and just lack of talent

not tech

ReBurn2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I know I'm in a minority, but I'd take a new console in the next year or so if it actually meant an evolution in the games we get.

I love my current gear, but to me there hasn't been much of a leap from last gen to current gen in terms of gameplay. Graphics, yes. Some of the games hitting this year have the best console graphics ever.

Gameplay, not so much. There hasn't been much of a leap in terms of what we're able to do in terms of gameplay since the PS2/Xbox era. Maybe that's more of an innovation thing than a hardware limitation thing. But I'm willing to give developers the benefit of the doubt (even though I really think they're too scared to step outside of the tried and true formulas).

Active Reload2773d ago

These devs that are talking about new hardware, are...I don't know...I guess they have their own personal reasons. I haven't seen anything out there that's worth the price of buying a new console. And I definitely haven't seen anything worth buying a super pc for. But if they have something behind the scenes they're working on, then by all means show it. Although Epic set the trend this gen with Gears, the Samaritan demo wasn't all that impressive to me, probably because it was nothing more than a cut scene. And Ubisoft, I mean honestly, I can't think of anything they've put out that made me want to buy a new console, except RedSteel 2 maybe, but I can get a Wii for $125, lol.

tdogchristy902773d ago

I agree, while new hardware is always nice I personally haven't seen anything to justify the prices that will be involved. While the Samaritan demo was nice, to me it does scream "justifcation for spending $1000 on new tech." So while I'm all for new hardware, I need to see something that justifies the price, and I personally haven't seen it.

RememberThe3572773d ago

Holy shit, I agree with you. I don't think I'm really ready for a new console yet cuz I don't think the jump will be that great. It seem like devs are just now getting the hang of the current hardware and now publishers want a new console? The jump from PS2/Xbox to PS3/360 was pretty big and was really needed at the time. But I don't feel the need quite yet.

I remember playing GTA: San Andreas and thinking to myself how much better it would look on a PS3. I'm not playing game yet and thinking of how much better they can look. They obviously can but I think it'll be a couple of more years before I feel the need for new hardware.

Legion2773d ago


Exactly... well worded. If the next generation can't make a big enough leap in technology then it isn't ready to jump yet. Hold off until you can bring us a system that leaps far enough into the next generation and not just a PS3.5 or XBox 360.5 or even a Wii.5 for that matter.

kneon2773d ago

I expect the next gen will be a big leap and will come in less than 24 months. Most games now are sub HD. Next gen everything will be full HD, even in 3D, and with higher frame rates.

And with more RAM available expect much better textures and lighting and more happening on the screen. You might even see some of the more forward thinking companies preparing for quadHD.

tdogchristy902773d ago

@ Remember the 357

For me it's not necessarily about power, this generation has done pretty well. but giving me something that is worth the price tag. So yeah I agree, I need a leap in tech not a skip.

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tdogchristy902773d ago

If you have that thinking, and I think a lot of us do, then it's not a hardware problem but a creative problem. When this generation started we had some unique ideas develope such as mirrors edge, assassins creed, and gears of war. The last really unique game I remember was heavy rain. Lately the creators have gone into safty mode and are not thinking outside the box as much. Yes we need innovation but I believe it's a developer problem, not a hardware problem.

snaz272773d ago

tdog... I think the only one that was fresh or new on that list was mirrors edge actually, everything in the other 2 has been done before, with minor tweaks... I just don't know what people are expecting from these devs lol... Oh i suppose one big area that can be improved upon is storylines, a lot of games are lacking a good storyline in my opinion.

stevenhiggster2773d ago

I think its a publisher problem more than a developer problem. All the publishers have gotten too greedy and are too scared to push new and innovative ip's cause they won't sell x amount of millions. Mirrors Edge is easily one of my favorite games of this gen but EA dropped it because it didn't sell as much as Generic Army Warfare shooter 11.
I don't blame the devs, not yet anyway, just the publishers.

snaz272773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

hmmm well to create new gameplay you would have to create new genres, but to be honest i think pretty much everything has been done already, i mean with shooters you walk around and shoot things, jumping higher has been done, jet packs etc... Driving games you steer left and right etc... I dont really know how you could innovate these kinds of gameplay, so the only things that can be bettered is graphics, sound effects, animation, and maybe little tweaks with gameplay, offering more freedom, kinda like the evolution from uncharted 1 to 2... Though really everything in those 2 games has been done before... People go on about open world games too, although i do like some open world games, i also like linear and structured games... I'm quite happy with having improvements in the areas i suggested, it's pretty much all we can expect, there might be the odd gem here and there that can mix the gameplay up a little but thats about it... I do welcome the new gen though, end of next year would be just great. Edit. Yeah like i say there might be a few here or there, but try and think of something that's not been done? Infact that goes for anyone, i'm struggling to think of anything.

ReBurn2773d ago

Man I hope that's not the case. There has to be some good ideas left.

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