Assassin's Creed Complete 8 Minute Gameplay Footage

8 minutes footage of assassin's creed

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wil4hire4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )


Oh my god.. are we still not past the days of "1 guy attack at a time."

Some A.I


ela06sd4026d ago

th official date is 16th november.....fingers crossed.....but HELLLLLLL THAT LUKKKED AWESOMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Lightning Mr Bubbles4026d ago

It's suppose to be out next month, and they're talking about having trouble. It seems a little late to be having trouble. The game should be getting ready to go gold.

HeartlesskizZ4026d ago

everything is pointing for a few months delay, if they are having problems I dont mind the delay, better have a complete then a rush game

BLUR1114026d ago

looks like a movie god cnt wait for this

KoolMan4026d ago

I would buy this game first day it launch.

Scythesean4026d ago

free roaming at it's best, that looked sweet! Wish you could do that in GTA, it would be even sweeter.

HeartlesskizZ4026d ago

I think one of the things that excite me the most about this game is the interaction with the horse... he runs and sounds realistic. maybe you will need to feed him or give him water every now and then... anyhow I just love that horsey

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The story is too old to be commented.