Valve: Stephen Merchant "natural" for Portal 2

Valve has explained why it chose Extras star Stephen Merchant to voice Wheatley in Portal 2.

Writer Chet Faliszek told DS that Merchant's mannerisms matched those they had in mind for the robot support character.

"Really it was more about that they were the voices in our heads for the characters," he revealed. "Stephen Merchant in particular, we just had that voice in our head, and his pacing has a distinct way of speaking [and] a way of making us laugh."

He continued: "So we were happy to get him, totally surprised we could, and he was a natural fit. It was great working with an actual comedic actor himself, because he knows timing, he knows how to tell a joke and knows about pacing, and that's really important."

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guigsy2751d ago

Karl Pilkington would've been better.

TheLeprachaun2751d ago

haha, I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the game if Karl Pilkington was voicing him. That guy is far too funny.

Kingdom Come2751d ago

I love how Karl Pilkington is only just now becoming realised by the public, yet he started working with Ricky and Steve around 10 years ago. I knew him about 6 Years ago and I'm only 17 right now...
The guys a legend and I'm glad he's getting some recognition, and I am immensly looking forward to "Idiot Abroad Series 2: The Bucket list".
But you're right, I couldn't concentrate with him talking to me in what is primarily a thinking game :P

Raendom2751d ago

I agree. To be fair I don't think I can get away from Stephen Merchant being in it. I listen to the XFM shows, podcast, TRG animated and idiot abroad literally every day.

I'm very aware, because I've listened to Stephen Merchant for SO long, that he's just reading a script and he doesn't really fit in as a robot the same way Glados and Turrets do, imo.

Kingdom Come2751d ago

Same, I listen to the XFM Highlights, Ricky Gervais Show Podcasts, Guide to... Audiobooks and what not every single day on my iPhone 4. He sounds more believable on the Barclays adverts...

Rampaged Death2751d ago

A insect game would be perfect for him

Chaostar2751d ago

Very funny guy but also very intelligent, he does seem to fit the portal 'world' very well. If anyone hasn't heard (or saw) the podcasts with Stephen, Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington, do yourself a favour and DL them now :D

Kingdom Come2751d ago

Whilst I think he's right for the game and that the guy is a genius of a writer and comedian. I remember seeing a video that featured his character, and no effects what so ever where put on his voice, which made it somewhat less believable that he was a robot, hopefully this has been fixed as Valve have a brilliant sound team...

Picnic2751d ago

Portal gets way overrated just because it's all about puzzles. People equate simplicity of idea with 'genius'.
What is the point of a game that doesn't ask you to do anything at the start of it? Puzzle solved- I'll stay in my cell thank you very much - I like it and it'll be a much easier existence.

(I know that Bioshock, to its detriment, suffers from the same thing at the very start of the game but it promises the mystery of its unique environment).