Dancing With The Stars Comes to Wii, PS2

Activision sent Loot Ninja a fact sheet and box art for Dancing with the Stars for the Wii and PS2. The game is shipping later this month for the standard version. The PS2 gets a special edition in mid November that includes a dance pad.

"Call up your friends, round up your family, because a non-stop celebrity dance party is coming your way. With Dancing With The Stars, the official video game, you will dance, perform, and compete to claim the coveted title of America's favorite celebrity dancer. Play as one of 9 celebrities such as Emmitt Smith or Stacy Keibler, then pair with the show's professional dancers and show the judges you've got star power! You'll get your dance on to 36-licensed songs and compete in all 10 dance styles lifted straight from the show, from the Cha-Cha to the Tango! With unique Wii remote functionality, PlayStation®2 dance pad compatibility, and multiplayer capability you'll find non-stop dance party fun for all ages. Get ready to let your inner star shine!"

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4931d ago

Is there a special category for lameness? This would sure be up there.

drunkpandas4931d ago

Which is more lame... this or the Dirty Dancing game? :)

Komrad4931d ago

how? i sure hope this means we could be getting a judge judy game down the line...

Lightning Mr Bubbles4931d ago

PS3 baby!! The concept is lame and the consoles are lame. Not setting your standards too high huh?

I don't have much hope for this one.

MyNutsYourChin4931d ago

Yea, ok, I don't have to buy it and it should be fun for the few people who like to make/watch celebrities spaz on a dance floor but seriously couldn't we focus some effort into making quality, in-depth, fun, and lasting games?

How about a kick-azz RPG for the Wii? Anyone? Maybe an action/shooter like a Contra revision? Anyone? Please 3rd party Wii developers, NO MORE TV/MOVIE/DANCE/SING/SHALLOW GAMES. You're making yourselves look like a bunch of 60 year old basket-weavers.

Owner360-PS34931d ago

how Freaking GAY...............