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For a game that features waves of blood, a mental asylum patient and a sort of dark and morbid collection of hand-drawn environments, The Dishwasher: Vampire Style is surprisingly inoffensive. In amongst the grim setting and heavy guitar riffs, there's a button-basher that always feels like it longs for just that little bit more.

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Fallouts2837d ago

I got this game over the weekend and I love it. I was skeptic at first casue of the name but once you get into it its crazy fun. The moves in the game seem simple but as you go on you unlock and upgrade weapons that add so much depth that its nit so easy to just master quickly. 9.5/10 in my book the only complaint I have is that sometimes the dash just doesn't work at a moment I really needed it to and caused un called for deaths but it puts a smile on my face when its time to take them on again.