FIFA 12: Teaser Video Emerged, First Screenshot comming Tomorrow

Electronic Arts released a short FIFA 12 teaser and announced that the first screenshot will be released tomorrow.

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Yi-Long2775d ago Show
newn4gguy2775d ago

An entire screenshot?!?

Grab your popcorn!!!
You can pay for a whole seat, but you'll only need the edge!!!

Here it comes!!!

BlmThug2775d ago

It Seems Every 2 Years A Fifa Game Changes Dramatically So This One Wont Have Massive Changes, Fifa 13 Will

Hanif-8762775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Fifa 08-09 10-11 therefore, fifa 12 should be different hopefully :-)
However, i think fifa 11 is the best football game yet...i'm still loving it!

NnT32912774d ago

yeah, I thought fifa 10 was the best, and then Fifa 11 came out, now I think Fifa 10 was a bit too arcade

Hanif-8762772d ago

@NnT3291 I thought the exact same thing.

LDawgNL2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

That is rediculous. Both EA and all websites that mention this should be ashamed.

chewmystink2774d ago

Just announce what we want to hear and that is it has online multiplayer, and if it does it needs to be as smooth as streetfighter is which is the benchmark in my books.

1. Turn on 3DS
2. Boot up streetfighter
3. Online Quick match selected
4. Seconds later I'm crunching down some skull !!!