Captivate teaser banners hints at Dead Rising 3 title and more

Gamingbolt: Three teaser banners have emerged from Capcom's Captivate event. Although, those are rather pixellated, some good editing has made the hints, far less than subtle ones.

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supremacy2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I am just starting to think capcom is running out of ideas. I mean the zombie has been a very used and beat component for them throughout the years. Onimusha, resident evil and now this i wonder what other type of zombie game will they come up with next?

And not just them...

You got valve, sony, call of duty has zombies and even yakuza? Jeesh talk about overdose.

Rhezin2774d ago

When have you ever fought zombies in Onimusha? Demons yes but Zombies?! I agree that zombies are rehashed but don't you ever knock Onimusha again! THAT's a series they NEED TO REVIVE!