Five of the Best… Licensed Soundtracks

A quick clarification – these are not necessarily the five best, just the five I think best represent use of music in a game to add to its atmosphere. If I was going for the best soundtracks without consideration of how it affects the experience, Rock Band and it’s ilk would be included, but they have no place on this list.

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ZeroChaos2840d ago

I am confused about this guy's clarification. He says that he is not including "This is also just for those games which use licensed music, so no Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid’s need apply" yet includes RDR. MGS1, MGS3 and FF13 all technically make the list as they are the same RDR. So I am unsure where the hell this guy is coming from.

Any help?

Also on a side note Jose Gonzalez is overrated as fuck. Deadman's Gun is a better song, it almost made me cry during the credits sequence.

GamingManiac2840d ago

i have to agree, deadman's gun is way better, especially in the credits sequenz.. ^^

dead_eye2839d ago

compass beats them all.