PSF: Developer Spotlight - Ninja Theory (Part One)

rymanb writes:

Developer Spotlight is a new series of articles focusing on video game companies across the globe. In each article, we’ll examine a specific developer’s journey in the video game industry; looking at the games they’ve made, the evolution of the company, as well as interviews with the developers themselves! Our first installment focuses on Ninja Theory, a small but growing game developer based in Cambridge (UK) – with Dominic Matthews (of Ninja Theory) answering some questions about the company.

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yume-k2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

NT is mediocre at best, they need to get rid of this gay freak here

Quagmire2750d ago

Ninja Theory created two excellent games. What you call a "gay freak" is the head of Ninja Theory, so pretty much without him, we wouldnt have Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. Go and troll somewhere else please.

Cant wait for more info about DmC

yume-k2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Ninja theory is a horrible choice (given their track record, HS was decent, hated enslaved)

Ninja Theory is great at making a game look pretty but they suck at almost everything else especially the gameplay!

Plus I hate Dante's shity look with his homeless dressing and NT's lame defense of their awful choice is just pathetic. It's like capcom are trying to bury the franchise.

I will just wait for Bayonetta 2 and Asura's Wrath, and leave this embarrassing game for the likes of you

2749d ago