MMGN: Super Monkey Ball 3D Review

MMGN: While it’s not Super Monkey Ball 2, Super Monkey Ball 3D is the best in the series since it left the GameCube. It offers a precise, accurate and actually fun control scheme with the advent of the Circle Pad. Since the GCN, Monkey Ball has struggled with ambitious, but rubbish, control schemes, such as the DS’s touch screen and the Wii’s motion and Balance Board. It fails again with motion on 3DS, and is saved by the Circle Pad, but hopefully SEGA realise that heading backwards to the control stick set-up is the way forward for Monkey Ball. While one of the better games in the series, Super Monkey Ball 3D doesn’t pack much of a punch. With everything finished within 2 hours, unless you’re a hardcore score junkie, it’s hard to recommend over the $4 iPhone version.

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